Climbing to a Million

10 years - climbing columbia tower Towards a cure


Our Mission

Colton was diagnosed at age 9 with high risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in September of 2009. Since then he has endured two bone marrow transplants, one stem cell transplant and one revolutionary T-cell therapy trial to beat this cancer. Colton has battled five times in 9 years. On June 18th 2016 we received news that he was in remission once again! Although he is in his 18th month of remission, he is still taking chemo daily while we pray about what to do next. Our hero is a true warrior and we are always praying for a miracle and a CURE!


Colton’s Army

Colton’s Army started as a movement of prayer warriors and supporters who came together to LOVE a cancer hero named Colton. The journey has been long and bumpy, but it led to a point where it was the right time to do something more – A Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild!

Why a Guild?

Since Colton's diagnosis in 2009, we have had on our hearts that we want to give back, pay it forward and make a difference for other patients and families like many who have gone before us.  Seattle Children's uncompensated care has truly saved families like ours from financial ruin.  Allowing us to focus on what is most important - caring for Colton.  We love being able to raise money to support childhood cancer research through the efforts of Strong Against Cancer - and the revolutionary research happening at Seattle Children's Research Institute.

Where will your donations go?

Seattle children’s Uncompensated care

Seattle Children’s Uncompensated Care provides necessary medical care to all children in our region, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. By lling in the gaps left by insurance shortfalls or the inability to pay, uncompensated care frees parents up to focus on getting their child well. This essential program fulfills Children’s founding promise to provide care to every infant, child and teen in Washington, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho who needs care – regardless of insurance coverage or nancial circumstances.


Strong against Cancer

Strong Against Cancer represents the revolutionary medical treatment, Immunotherapy, which Colton has been blessed with, and major advancements being made at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The immunotherapy procedure harnesses the power of a child’s own immune cells; patient’s T-cells are reprogrammed, and then reintroduced to the immune system. Upon reintroduction, they hunt down and destroy cancer cells in the body. This remarkable process is raising hope for thousands of children all over the world who are battling cancer. This is HOPE!