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Colton Matter just celebrated his 17th birthday and continues to celebrate the bliss of remission for the 5th time in 8 years of battling Leukemia - Amen! 

We aren't sure why he was called to this battle, but we do know that this journey has taught us to fight, to never give up and to fully rely on God. I remember on the first day after learning he was sick with cancer and starting his first chemotherapy at the hospital, his Grandma brought him a huge helium balloon in the shape of a frog. When she brought it into his room, we all admired it and talked about how big it was, was then that Colton said matter of factly, "F.R.O.G. stands for fully rely on God" None of us in the room had known that acroynm before and yet here our 9-year old was telling us about it. It was a gift that set the path of this cancer journey. 

We had no idea at that time how desperately we would find ourselves relying on God - in the darkest of days and on the brightest of days - he is there with us.